Restore the U.S.-Egyptian Strategic Alliance, Designate the Muslim Brothers as Terrorists

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Donald Trump will do something today that his predecessor refused to do. He will meet with the elected leader of Egypt, Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi.

President Obama made no secret of his enmity for his Egyptian counterpart. After all, as his country’s senior military officer in 2013, then-General el-Sisi fulfilled the demands of many millions of Egyptians by ending the misrule of the Muslim Brotherhood government – a regime Mr. Obama helped bring to power.

The Brothers were banished in part because they sought to impose their totalitarian Sharia code on Egypt, a goal they seek world-wide. President Obama embraced the Muslim Brothers. Donald Trump came to office rejecting their agenda and the “radical Islamic terrorism” it spawns.

President Trump can prove the vital U.S.-Egyptian alliance is restored by joining President el-Sisi in designating the Muslim Brotherhood what it is: a terrorist organization.

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