Richard Kemp: Biden calling the Afghan army “cowards” didn’t help the situation at all

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With Richard Kemp

RICHARD KEMP, Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer (Ret.), British Army, Author, “Attack State Red,” @COLRICHARDKEMP

  • Col. Richard Kemp: We had to remain in Afghanistan for some time after 2001 – We couldn’t just destroy Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and immediately pull out
  • Where and when did the situation in Afghanistan “go off the tracks”?
  • Col. Kemp: The U.S. and U.K. directly controlled the Afghan government, which was not capable of controlling the whole of Afghanistan
  • Col. Kemp: Taxpayer money was used to fund a war against the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan
  • Col. Kemp: For President Biden to call the Afghan army, “cowards…they won’t fight for themselves, why should we fight for them,” after stripping them of vital U.S. support, is devastating
  • What are the takeaways from the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan?
  • Col. Kemp: “Talk about a twenty-year war, what about South Korea? The Americans have been in South Korea since the 50’s…We’ve had a U.S. garrison in Germany since 1945…” So why is Afghanistan separated from the rest?
  • Col. Kemp: It took the U.S. 15 years to successfully regain its position in the world after the fall of Saigon

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