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With Richard Fisher, Henry Nau, Diana West, Jim Hanson

RICHARD FISHER of International Assessment Strategy Center, talks about the current build-up of the Chinese military and their aggressive territorial actions in the North Sea and how he believes this points towards the startling revelation that the United States is currently engaged in a Cold War with China.  He also gives a brief prediction of what might happen at the upcoming weekend summit between President Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

HENRY NAU, professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs, looks back on Tom Donilin’s tenure as Obama’s national security advisor, and what can be expected when Susan Rice fills that position, based on her own track record as the US’s Ambassador to the UN.

Retired Weapons Sergeant of US Army Special Forces, JIM HANSON, of, talks military sexual assault based on the latest Senate report. He also discusses Private Bradley Manning’s trial on Wiki leaks as well as Nidal Hasan’s trial and his newly adopted defense of murder justified by Islam.

DIANA WEST of The Death of The Grown Up and author of new book America Betrayal, discusses the failure by the American government to divulge the truth about the dangers of radical Islam as well as discusses the continuing integration of Sharia law into American law, specifically looking at the case of the Fort Hood mastermind, Nidal Hasan.

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