Securing America – An update on the Israel-Hamas war

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With Alex Traiman, Bill Walton and Scott Powell

ALEX TRAIMAN, CEO and Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Jewish News Syndicate

  • Why did Hamas take hostages in the beginning of the war with Israel?
  • What kind of ceasefire is Hamas trying to get from Israel?
  • How U.S. executive orders are impacting Israeli citizens’ bank accounts

BILL WALTON, Host, The Bill Walton Show

  • Concerns over venture capital firms mentioned in a recent report from the House Select Committee on China
  • How China has become “uninvestable”
  • What is the CCP’s reaction to people pulling their money out of China?

SCOTT POWELL, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Former fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution

  • A recap of U.S. monuments that were targeted in the summer of 2020
  • How did the U.S. become a “vulnerable” country?
  • How China is taking advantage of environmentalism and climate change in the U.S.

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