Stand with Trump and Netanyahu – Reverse Biden’s betrayal

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In the course of a powerful speech in New Jersey on Saturday former President Donald Trump denounced his successor before an appreciative audience of some one-hundred thousand people. He called Joe Biden a “weak and pathetic president,” citing as evidence Biden’s decision to “withhold shipping weapons to Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas terrorists in Gaza.”

Mr. Trump rightly decried it as “one of the worst betrayals of an American ally in the history of our country” and declared “I support Israel’s right to win its war on terror.”

Fortunately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pressing forward to do just that. He is incrementally, but steadily – pursuing despite Biden – the liberation of Rafah, where Hamas is believed to still have four terrorist battalions.

Reverse the betrayal. Joe Biden’s arms cut-off to Israel must not stand.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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