Stop Biden’s “outrageous” betrayals of our sovereignty

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Joe Biden called an international court’s bid to prosecute Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu “outrageous.” The real outrage is that Biden’s administration evidently “greenlighted” this example of what we can expect from the “global governance” he prefers over national sovereignty.

Worse, Team Biden will mark Memorial Day – when we honor those who died protecting our constitutional Republic – by advancing in Geneva two, still-incomplete treaties calculated to do even more damage to nations like Israel and ours. They would transform the World Health Organization’s malfeasant Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, into a global dictator for public health.

Tomorrow, our “Sovereignty Summit” will showcase legislators from here and around the world who oppose this surrender of sovereignty and the prospect that a Communist like Tedros will abuse such new powers for transparently political agendas – including “climate change,” “migration” and “gun violence.” Join the livestream at

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