Stop the CCP’s chemical warfare against America

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Texas Rep. Brian Babin warned yesterday that Communist China and Mexican drug cartels are waging “chemical warfare on the United States of America and there should be some real accountability for both of those entities.”

Their weapon of choice is fentanyl, a medical drug China manufactures that is so powerful even tiny quantities consumed unwittingly can be deadly. The CCP uses, among other techniques, narco-terrorist gangs that control our southern border to smuggle it here, killing some 100,000 narcotics users and other Americans yearly.

Beijing has repeatedly promised to stop this practice – something it could easily do given China’s Orwellian surveillance state. But it hasn’t. And now there are reports fentanyl-laced candy is headed our way, potentially putting at risk our young children, too.

The Chinese Communists are at war with America. It’s past time we make it cost them.

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