Stop the globalist-communist WHO power-grab

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The World Health Organization is preparing to spring on us, not one, but two, different initiatives aimed at enormously expanding the power of that deeply problematic international agency. It just went through the motions of asking for public comments. Here are the gist of mine:

Given the WHO’s record of doing the Chinese Communist Party’s bidding by insisting on ineffective masks, devastating lockdowns, inadequately tested and dangerous “vaccines” and mandate-enforcing passports, it would be utterly insane to increase that agency’s authority – specifically to tell us what is a “public health crisis of international concern” and how we must respond.

A million of us have perished already. Must more needlessly die?

The American people and their representatives in the U.S. Senate must oppose any such surrender of our national sovereignty and/or further compromise of American public health. The WHO should not go there. And we certainly must not.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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