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With Andy McCarthy, Diana West, Dr. Daniel Gouré, and Admiral James Lyons.

ANDY MCCARTHY, former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and columnist for National Review Online:

  • Talk about FBI director Comey’s press conference on the Clinton email scandal
  • The CVE bill

DIANA WEST, nationally syndicated columnist:

  • Twenty years of Clinton scandal and dictatorship
  • US Government turning a blind eye to the Jihad
  • Europe’s Islamic makeup

Dr. DANIEL GOURÉ, Vice President of the Lexington Institute, former Director of Strategic Competitiveness in the Department of Defense:

  • Discussion on the importance of keeping classified information secure
  • Vulnerability of the electric grid to cyberthreats
  • The National Guard’s work to protect the grid from cyber attack
  • Importance of NATO to protect Europe from Russia

ADM. JAMES “ACE” LYONS (ret.), former commander of the US Pacific Fleet:

  • Upcoming Hague hearing concerning the ‘Law of the Sea’ Treaty
  • China’s second invitation to the RIMPAC exercises
  • FBI Director Comey considering Hillary Clinton’s email mishandling as reckless but not prosecutable
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