The Elephant in the Debate Room is Shariah

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Against the backdrop of actual and threatened terrorist attacks by Islamic supremacists, presidential candidates from both parties are suddenly talking about the “elephant” in the room: the connection between the practice of jihad and the ideology of authoritative Islam, known as shariah.

Unfortunately, so far this debate has generated more heat than light. Candidates from Hillary Clinton to most of the GOP field are, ironically, parroting a meme advanced by the Muslim Brotherhood’s operatives in this country: Jihad has nothing to do with Islam, and suggesting otherwise impugns all Muslims.

That is, of course, nonsense – and dangerously misleading, at that. The good news is that not all Muslims adhere to shariah. The bad news is that many millions do, and they are obliged to engage in, or support, jihad.

It isn’t religious tolerance to ignore this reality. It is national security malpractice.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
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