The Iranian Regime Must Go if It’s to Be Denied The Bomb

Iran flag and rocket in military conflict

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Of President Biden’s many problematic initiatives aimed at nullifying the Trump legacy, his rebooting of U.S. Middle East policy is particularly ominous. Its hallmarks are: promoting the Palestinians over Israel; dissing the United Arab Emirates that made peace with the Jewish State; and, worst of all, reverting to the Obama-era appeasement of Iran.

Specifically, Team Biden wants to rejoin the Iran nuclear accord that President Trump famously derided as “the stupidest deal of all time.” Having thus entered the bazaar, it should be no surprise that the mullahs are inflating the price of letting us back into an unverifiable agreement that ensures they will get The Bomb.

There’s only one way to prevent the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism from obtaining the world’s most dangerous weapons: Help the Iranian people remove from power the regime that brutally represses them and threatens us.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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