The price of Biden’s betrayal

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Originally published by Arab News

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It took a couple of days for US President Joe Biden to interrupt his vacation at Camp David and address his people and a world still in shock at the carnage in Afghanistan.

In his 10-minute remarks, Biden defended his handling of the US withdrawal, while blaming his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, along with the Afghan security forces and their political leaders, for the situation in the country.

In July, Biden insisted that it was highly unlikely that the Taliban would overrun the country when US troops left. However, in his address, he acknowledged that his administration failed to anticipate that the group would advance so rapidly.

“The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. So, what’s happened? Afghanistan political leaders gave up and fled the country. The Afghan military collapsed, sometimes without trying to fight,” he said.
The US commander-in-chief did not explain to his friends and enemies why there was no strategic exit plan or why the NATO allies that stood by his forces were not informed.

Biden is facing a wave of domestic and global criticism over the way in which the military withdrawal was executed. He chose to ignore this in his remarks and, instead, rubbed salt into the wound by refusing to take any questions from reporters.

We do not need to ask who will benefit from this disgraceful exit. Reports of EU countries and the UK evacuating diplomatic personnel and closing their embassies in Kabul, while Russia and China announce that their embassies remain open, offer a clear answer.

The closure of the US Embassy and the lowering of its flag at the diplomatic mission mark the biggest foreign policy blunder in generations, proof of what Robert Gates, Barack Obama’s defense chief, wrote in his 2014 book “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” in which he commented: “I think (Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

China was one of the first US rivals to express its support for the Taliban-led government in Kabul, with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying saying: “The situation in Afghanistan has already undergone a major transformation, and we respect the wishes and choices of the Afghan people.”

The US is gone? No problem. With the help and cooperation of the Pakistan government, China will be the alternative power providing security and economic aid for the new “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

“Afghanistan’s Taliban have expressed many times a desire for good relations with China, with an expectation that China will take part in Afghanistan’s rebuilding and development process and will not allow any forces to use Afghanistan’s soil to harm China,” Hua said.

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