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With Rep. Doug Lamborn, Fred Grandy, Ilan Berman, Bill Gertz

CONGRESSMAN DOUG LAMBORN, of the 5th district of Colorado and member of the House Armed Services Committee, talks about the SHIELD Act, which is meant to defend America from man-made or natural EMPs. The Congressman also analyzes Russia’s demands for the annihilation of the U.S. missile defense program, as well as immigration and the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens.

FRED GRANDY, of the Center for Security Policy, informs listeners about a topic not readily in the mainstream media, namely the deadly MERS respiratory disease that has gripped Saudi Arabia. He specifically focuses on what should be done to eliminate the threat of the disease’s exposure to the United States.

ILAN BERMAN, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy, examines the Law of the Sea Treaty and how the continuing efforts and aggression by the Chinese has violated this treaty over and over. He looks at what the response of the U.S. government and military should be to their actions.

BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Times and Washington Free Beacon, scrutinizes President Obama’s recent speech in Berlin, “Peace with Justice”.  He also discusses Obama’s plans for de-nuclearization and gives his thoughts on whether or not Al Qaeda is actually being defeated.

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