The SPLC’s Attacks on Conservative Groups

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With Fred Fleitz, Dale Wilcox, Matthew Trymand, John Ligato:

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With Fred Fleitz, Dale Wilcox, Matthew Tyrmand, and John Ligato:

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA analyst, Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Takeaways from Attorney General Session’s testimony
  • Special Investigator Mueller’s conflict of interest
  • Insight into North Korea’s release of Otto Warnbier

DALE WILCOX, Executive Director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute former state director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center’s definition for a hate group
  • History of the SPLC and what it focuses on for legal action

MATTHEW TYRMAND, Board Member of Project Veritas and weekly political columnist for Do Rzeczy in Poland:

  • Tyrmand’s lawsuit against members of the Polish media
  • The defamatory comments made against Matthew
  • Resistance by the media to the conservative government in Poland
  • George Soros’ influence over the European media

JOHN LIGATO, USMC Veteran, Former FBI Agent, Author of Dirty Boys and the Near Enemy: A John Booker Thriller:

  • How FBI agents within the Bureau felt about former director Comey’s leadership
  • The relationship between FBI agents in the field and FBI headquarters
  • How the FBI can redeem its reputation with the public
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