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There’s much talk of a “Great Reset” favored by global capitalists more or less unapologetically admiring of the efficiency of the Chinese Communist Party. The day’s headlines demonstrate that what is needed instead is a “Freedom Reset.”

A CCP virus-justified lockdown of China’s key manufacturing hub in Shenzhen underscores the dangerous folly of supply-chain dependencies in the name of “engagement” with the People’s Republic. Deep sell-offs of Chinese stocks over concerns about, among other things, capricious government regulations and interference, is a warning against U.S. investments in them. And the prospect that Xi Jinping will help bail out his ally, Vladimir Putin, suggests worse is to come.

That’s especially so if U.S. states – including Republican-run ones – introduce China’s odious social credit system for surveilling and controlling their people in the guise of digital health cards. Join us in opposing them at

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