To get a clean electoral vote count, just follow the international standards of Jimmy Carter

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Published in American Greatness, November 18:  Former President Jimmy Carter’s foundation is an official monitor of the presidential vote recount in Georgia.

The Atlanta-based Carter Center is notorious for its validation of the fraudulent election to keep Venezuela’s late dictator Hugo Chavez in power. It still has good things to say about the man who turned his prosperous country into a socialist hellhole.

Even so, its standards have value in addressing the integrity of America’s 2020 presidential election.

The Carter Center has a huge repository of state-of-the-art election standards for free and fair voting.

The standards are designed for Third World countries with rough democratic processes, and based almost entirely on foreign and United Nations documents.

But the standards can be useful to the United States.

The Trump team should robustly apply the Center’s standards to the voting in Georgia and other jurisdictions. It won’t subsume America’s sovereignty to the UN, but will prove that in terms of election integrity, much of the United States has become a high-tech banana republic.

The Carter Center stresses, “any measures to undermine the will of the people will render an election unfair.”

How do many American jurisdictions live up to that? Let’s take a look, with everything in quotation marks below coming directly from Carter Center standards.

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