Trump is ‘the Chosen One’ to Meet the China Threat

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President Trump declared yesterday that he is “the chosen one” to take on Communist China. He was specifically addressing the ongoing effort to negotiate a trade deal that would remedy longstanding predatory Chinese practices, theft of our intellectual property, currency manipulation, etc.

Donald Trump has, moreover, chosen to effect far more sweeping, fundamental and urgently needed course-corrections with regard to U.S. policy towards the PRC. For example, in response to various threat vectors being simultaneously pursued by Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party, the President has: adopted a robust anti-China national security strategy; started modernizing our nuclear deterrent; committed to fielding far more capable missile defenses; launched a Space Force; begun to re-arm Taiwan; and challenged China’s efforts to control the South China Sea.

Much more is needed. And the President we chose to do it recognizes this may be our last opportunity.

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