US and China conflict would result in ‘nuclear world war’ if grim attack plan takes place, warns defense expert

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Originally published by The Sun

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Editor’s Note: This piece by Chris Bradford features quotes from CSP Senior Fellow Grant Newsham

China considers Taiwan part of its territory, with President Xi not ruling out using force if a diplomatic solution cannot be achieved. Washington does not support Taiwanese independence but opposes “any unilateral changes” to the status quo from either side. President Biden has repeatedly said that American troops would defend Taiwan if China invaded. China’s rapid militarization and deteriorating Sino-American relations have raised fears that a conflict could erupt between the two superpowers.

But, the US has also unveiled plans for its own “carrier killer” hypersonic missile that could rival Beijing and Moscow.

Former US Marine Corps Colonel Grant Newsham (Ret.) has speculated how a war over Taiwan could develop.

In his book “When China Attacks: A Warning to America,” Newsham claimed US forces could be caught “off guard”, per Eurasian Times.

He then speculated that Chinese forces could launch attacks on West Coast ports.

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