US Olympians must forgo the Beijing super-spreader

Ольга Холявина -
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The case for U.S. athletes to skip the Winter Games in Beijing keep growing – and the failure of Olympic authorities to pull the plug becomes ever more egregious.

For one thing, the public health crisis that has prompted the Chinese Communist Party to lockdown conservatively seventy million people around the country has reached Beijing, as well.

For another, the Olympics are shaping up to be an even bigger super-spreader event than the notorious Wuhan New Year’s pot-luck that helped disseminate Covid-19 worldwide. Will our athletes and others potentially infected in Beijing be welcomed home, and, if so, how soon?

The problem has become so acute that two of the news networks that will be enabling the CCP’s propaganda-fest now won’t send their announce teams to Beijing, lest their personnel get sick.

Our Olympians must now be told “Don’t go there.”

This is Frank Gaffney.

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