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“Foreign manipulation of America’s 2020 vote count to help Joe Biden is crazy talk. At least that’s what a lot of people believe, with even supporters of President Trump attacking the initial evidence and the messengers.

“After the debunked Russian collusion narrative, the Ukraine issues that led in part to the president’s impeachment, and the pre-election exposé of Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails showing Chinese Communist Party influence aimed at the former vice president, much of the public is confused, divided, disgusted, and numb.

“Add to that what former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell has called ‘The Kraken’: Evidence that, among other things, is expected to show strategic, organized, computerized electoral fraud through technology developed in, of all places, Venezuela.

“Even a lot of the president’s supporters aren’t buying it.

“And that’s exactly how regimes that view us as their strategic enemy want it,” as we explain in the November 23 issue of American Greatness.

“Those regimes, running countries large and small—from Russia and China down to Iran, Cuba, and even Venezuela—thrive or at least survive by preventing the United States from understanding their strategic intentions.

“They depend on us not recognizing or comprehending their subversive means of achieving their objectives short of all-out war. They cloak their goals, strategies, capabilities, and operations through ‘denial’ (concealment or denying access to facts) and ‘deception’ (a range of military and civilian techniques that include disinformation). ‘Denial and deception’ is a singular intelligence term.

“… the intelligence community is no longer prepared to defend America against foreign deception and disinformation. And, as attorneys supportive of the president say they are about to demonstrate in court, we as a nation may have been caught flat-footed by a fifth-rate power’s subversion of the very mechanisms of our republic’s democratic system.”

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