We MUST Secure the Grid

Electric meters that separated from the background in energy technology.

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The good news for Texans is that their state has its own bulk power distribution system, colloquially known as “The Grid.” So, if the two grids that serve the rest of the country go down, most of the population of Texas could still have electricity.

But that presumes the Texas grid is resilient against natural disasters – including the present, terrible winter storm – or enemy action. Unfortunately, despite repeated efforts by State Senator Bob Hall, the needed upgrades have largely gone unaddressed. So, millions of Texans now face days without power in sub-freezing conditions.

Worse yet, despite two executive orders President Trump aimed at addressing the grid-vulnerabilities of the entire nation, we all could wind up permanently blacked-out. Were that to happen, by some estimates, ninety percent of us wouldn’t survive.

We must secure the grid. Learn how you can help at SecuretheGrid.com.

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