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Compelling images of would-be immigrants from the world’s hellholes offer an incomplete picture of what’s afoot, literally.

First, the overwhelming majority of those on the move are Muslims. Their migration conforms to a duty of their faith known as hijra, or spreading Islam’s reach to the non-Muslim world through colonization.

Second, there’s no limit to the flow. Whatever is being said about distributing “refugees” among Western nations means nothing if there are millions more who are ready to come, too.

Third, we’re told the United States isn’t doing its part and must take many thousands of unvettable Syrians and others. In fact, the Obama administration has given refuge and/or permanent residency to over 280,000 Muslims in the past year alone.

Rep. Brian Babin has introduced legislation calling for a moratorium on further refugees here. Sounds like a plan.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
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