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With Hans von Spakovsky for a special full hour

Part 1: HANS VON SPAKOVSKY- author of Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department (HarperCollins/Broadside June 2014):

  • The unique position of the Attorney General in the Presidential cabinet
  • Eric Holder’s role in controversial pardons of an international fugitive and 16 convicted terrorists

Part 2:

  • Eric Holder’s misuse of prosecutorial discretion to selectively enforce or ignore laws
  • The Department of Justice’s failure to investigate allegations of voter fraud

Part 3:

  • Fitting the Justice Department’s projects—such as Fast and Furious—into the agenda of the Obama Administration
  • DoJ’s tendency to ignore federal laws concerning illegal immigration and Guantanamo Bay prisoner transfers/releases
  • Concerns that the DoJ plans to shift back to a pre-9/11 model and treat terrorists as ordinary criminals

Part 4:

  • DoJ’s hiring of government officials with possible ties to radical groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood
  • The Obama Administration’s approach to confronting material support for terrorism
  • Is the US facing a constitutional crisis?
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