White House Remains Silent While Persecution of Christians in the Middle East Continues

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With Diana West, Father Anthony Hanna, Anne Korin, George O’Conor

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With Diana West, Father Anthony Hanna, Anne Korin, George O’Conor

Father Anthony Hanna, Parish Priest at St. Mary and St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church, examines the ongoing persecution of Coptic Christians in the Middle East.

On today’s show:

DIANA WEST, syndicated columnist and author:
  • Nullification of the border
  • Border issue as a long term national emergency
  • Using the power of the purse to fix the border problem

Father ANTHONY HANNA,  adviser to Coptic Pope:

  • The plight of Coptic Christians in the Middle East region
  • Relationship between the decline of American prestige and the current persecution Christians face from radical Islamists
  • Silence from the White House on Christian persecution

ANNE KORIN, Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security: 

  • A new fuel choice bill that offers automakers incentives to produce cars that can use non-petroleum fuel sources
  • Examining the benefits of flex-fuel vehicles
  • Role of the Chinese market’s use of methanol in the development of engine components that can withstand higher levels of corrosion
  • The need for fuel diversification, given the current instability in many oil-producing countries
GEORGE O’CONOR- Founder and CEO of Chime Media:
  • True extent of Chinese cyber espionage against the U.S.
  • Security concerns surrounding Chinese internet giant Alibaba’s upcoming initial public offering
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