William Schneider: Space will be China’s next frontier

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With Dr. William Schneider

WILLIAM SCHNEIDER, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Former Associate Director for National Security and international Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Former Under Secretary of State for Security Assistance, Science and Technology, U.S. State Department

  • Dr. William Schneider: The next phase of China’s military buildup is to invest heavily in its strategic nuclear forces
  • Why does China store most of its nuclear capabilities in hardened underground concrete tunnels?
  • What threat does the Type 096 Submarine, which is currently under construction in China, pose to the U.S. military?
  • Dr. Schneider talks about the practical applications of China’s new fractional orbital system
  • Dr. Schneider: Space will be China’s next frontier after it lays down the groundwork for its strategic nuclear forces

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