Zach Vorhies: YouTube banned 30 prominent Pro-Trump commentators two weeks prior to the election

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With Kalbinur Gheni, Se Hoon Kim and Zach Vorhies:

KALBINUR GHENI, Committee on the Present Danger: China Captive Nations’ Representative for East Turkestan, Twitter: @Qelbinur10 & SE HOON KIM, Director, Committee on Present Danger: China Captive Nations Coalition, Twitter: @Se_HoonKim

Part I: 

  • Kalbinur Gheni: My sister is currently subjected to forced labor within a concentration camp in Xinjiang
  • Reactions to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s closing remarks on the Genocide in Xinjiang

Part II:

  • Forced sterilization, state-sponsored rape, assigning ethnic Han Chinese officials to live in Uyghur communities to monitor them 24/7
  • Designating the Chinese Communist Party a transnational criminal organization would reaffirm the claims made by those fighting for human rights in China

ZACH VORHIES, former Senior Software Engineer, YouTube and Google, Twitter: @Perpetualmaniac and 

Part I:

  • On Oct. 15, 2020, nearly two weeks before the election, YouTube purged 30 Pro-Trump commentators, forcing them to create and turn to alternative platforms, i.e. Rumble and Parler
  • Zach Vorhies: Helped organize a case against Google to reinstate those accounts which was later blocked by an Obama era appointed judge
  • Google requires court cases to be brought up in California
  • Vorhies: Prior to the election, Google sent out “register to vote” pop-ups to more liberals than conservatives – New York Post was going to run a story before the tech giant caught wind and “fixed” the problem

Part II: 

  • Vorhies: The purging of conservatives from various social media platforms will continue well into 2021
  • According to Section 230, Amazon is not liable for the content posted on their sites – so why ban Parler?
  • was taken over by Google: A dangerous move
  • Vorhies: we need to start moving off of these sites and migrate to alternative ones

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