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With Cliff May, George Rasley, Beth Van Duyne, Keith Payne

CLIFF MAY, Founder and President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies:

  • Will the Obama Administration circumvent Congress by getting the UN to coin an Iran deal as international law?
  • The Iranian Supreme Leader’s continued pursuit of an Islamic Revolution
  • Critique of the “one-year breakout” clause
  • Sour relations ahead between Obama and Netanyahu

GEORGE RASLEY, Editor at Richard Viguerie’s

  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announcing candidacy for the 2016 GOP nomination
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA.) as the only potential nominee who truly understands the severity of the radical Islamist threat
  • Hillary Clinton’s prospects, all things considered

BETH VAN DUYNE, Mayor of Irving, Texas:

  • Efforts to impose the first Shariah tribunal in the United States
  • How Shariah law and laws of the U.S. Constitution are simply unable to coincide with one another
  • Looking at “American Laws in American Courts”

Dr. KEITH PAYNE, President and Co-Founder of the National Institute for Public Policy:

  • How Iran will usher in a proliferation cascade
  • The impossibility of nuclear zero
  • Modernizing America’s nuclear triad
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