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With Rep. (Lt. Col.) Allen West, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Paula DeSutter, and Yossie Hollander

Rep. (Lt. Col.) ALLEN WEST, former US Congressman from Florida’s 22nd Congressional District:

  • President Obama’s working relationship with radical Islamist groups and organizations
  • The “Hillary Clinton Influence” on President Obama’s first term
  • Recent Russian military incursions in close proximity to U.S. air space
  • Appointment of a German General as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Command in Europe

Rep. PETE HOEKSTRA, former US Congressman and Chair of the House Intelligence Committee:

  • Recent revelations about the CIA’s spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers
  • CIA Director John Brennan’s history of discounting the threat posed by radical Islam
  • Unification of terror organizations across the Middle East and Africa based on their common jihadist ideology
  • Controversial decision to allow Libyan nationals into the U.S. to study nuclear engineering and flight training

PAULA DeSUTTER, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Verification, Compliance, and Implementation:

  • Details of Russia’s violation of the INF treaty
  • Shocking account of the lengthy time lapse between when the Obama Administration found out about the violation and when NATO learned about it
  • Inherent risks of eroding America’s nuclear deterrence

YOSSIE HOLLANDER, Founder of the Fuel Freedom Foundation:

  • The basis of America’s oil dependence
  • Why the US needs true competition in the oil market
  • Alternative fuel sources and the impediments to their implementation
  • PUMP, an upcoming documentary on oil and alternative energy sources
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