An Insider’s Account of Border Security, Drug Cartels, and Criminal Immigrants Being Released Into the US

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With Pete Hegseth, Elaine Donnelly, Zach Taylor, and Peter Huessy

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With guest Pete Hegseth, Elaine Donnelly, Zach Taylor, and Peter Huessy

PETE HEGSETH, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America:

  • The secret wait list scandal at the VA
  • Fixing the VA’s internal problems with help from Congress
  • The call for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign

ELAINE DONNELLY, Founder and President of The Center for Military Readiness:

  • The political left’s cultural assault on the military
  • The current push by ‘social engineers’ for women to have direct combat roles
  • Hollowing out of the U.S. military from a combat-ready force to a civil service organization

ZACK TAYLOR, President of the National Association of Former Border Patrol (NAFBPO):

  • The release of 36,000 criminal illegal immigrants last year
  • The continuing phenomenon of mothers coming to the US to give birth in order to gain American citizenship
  • The failure of the drug war to address the infrastructure of the drug cartels
  • Damaging interference into the daily duties of border patrol by the government

PETER HUESSY, President of Geo-Strategic Analysis, National Security Affairs Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council

  • A shooting incident last year on a substation in San Jose, CA, that showed the vulnerability of the electric grid to physical attacks
  • Threats posed by cyber attacks and EMPs to critical infrastructure in the U.S.
  • Poor standards put in place by the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission to protect against solar events, such as the “Carrington Event” of the mid 19th century
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