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With Pete Hoekstra, Clare Lopez, Yossie Hollander, Bruce Bechtol

PETE HOEKSTRA, former U.S. Congressman (MI-2) and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee:

  • Will Western leaders awaken to the threat of Islamic Jihad?
  • How President Obama has abetted the Muslim Brotherhood in America and throughout the Middle East and North Africa
  • Why engaging with the enemy will be seen as weakness and ruthlessly exploited

CLARE LOPEZ, Senior Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, former CIA Operations Officer:

  • Egyptian President el-Sisi’s condemnation of violent extremism in Sunni Islam
  • Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s denouncement of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but failure to mention the later killings in the kosher deli market
  • Hezbollah advancing Iranian interests in Syria by aligning with Bashar al-Assad

YOSSIE HOLLANDER: Co-Founder of  the Fuel Freedom Foundation, and producer of the documentary “Pump”:

  • America’s solution to energy security
  • Why outdated regulations stifle creativity and contribute to high energy prices
  • What breaking the energy monopoly of oil means for our enemies abroad

BRUCE BECHTOL, Associate Professor of Political Science at Angelo State University:

  • The paradox of North Korea: a Third World country with First World cyber warfare capabilities
  • China turns a blind eye toward North Korean cyberterrorism operations
  • How North Korea might retaliate against President Obama’s proportionate response






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