Morgan Wirthlin

Situation Report – After 20 years in power, Putin makes himself president-for-life

On July 4th, new amendments to the Russian constitution came into effect, allowing President Vladimir Putin to remain in office until 2036, making him the longest reigning Kremlin leader since Stalin. Additional amendments banned same-sex marriage, stress the superiority of Russian law over international law, grant prosecutorial immunity to former presidents, and add a reference in the constitution to God.

The revolutionary roots of cancel culture

What do New York Times opinion editors, Jeffree Star, Winston Churchill, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Paw Patrol have in common? They have all been canceled. Cancel culture is the growing trend of social media and real mobs demanding anyone who violates the most recently-held politically correct position is erased. It’s a culture which is dangerously toxic, to those targeted, those who participate in it, and to the country as a whole.