Center launches new Intelligence Brief series

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Expert fellows Fred Fleitz and Clare Lopez file video reports

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Center for Security Policy Senior Fellows bring of wealth of skills and experience to Center programs and initiatives.  Two of those, Fred Fleitz and Clare Lopez, have applied their expertise to a new video project.  Fleitz served in U.S. national security positions for 25 years at the CIA, DIA, Department of State and the House Intelligence Committee staff, while Lopez is a former 20-year career operations officer with the CIA, and a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies.  Find their first two intelligence briefs below:

The Benghazi Coverup and the Politicization of Intelligence

See also Benghazi and the Politicization of Intelligence by Clare Lopez

NSA Metadata Program and Internet Monitoring

See also A Critique of President Obama’s Reforms of U.S. Intelligence

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