Center’s Scorecards show Kerry’s consistency

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The front-page of the Washington Times draws on a series of the Center for Security Policy’s Congressional Scorecards produced over the past 10 years.

The Scorecords, the Times reports, show Senator John Kerry consistently as the weakest on defense – even weaker than Ted Kennedy.

According to the Times, “The Center for Security Policy has analyzed more than 75 votes over the past decade cast by Mr. Kerry and other senators. The Washington-based conservative think tank gave Mr. Kerry one of the lowest ratings of any senator.” For example, the Center’s Scorecards gave Senator Kerry “a rank of five out of a possible 100” in 1995 and “a zero” in 1997.

The record shows that Kerry opposed the key weapons systems vital to American victory in the war against terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism: the B-2 stealth bomber, the Tomahawk cruise missile, the Apache helicopter, the M-1 Abrams tank, a wide range of fighter jets and other combat aircraft.

Kerry’s voting record also shows he opposed the Patriot missile defense system, and voted nine times against a missile defense system to protect American citizens from missile attack. He voted six times in the past decade to freeze or reduce spending on defense. And he voted to allow our country’s enemies to buy dual-use technology to build high-tech weapons.

According to the Times, "for the most part, Mr. Kerry has failed to address many of his Senate votes on defense and intelligence matters."

Center for Security Policy

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