Manhattan 2019. Behind the police with gun belt, close up

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One of Antifa’s most despicable practices is the “doxxing” of law enforcement officers.

Under this practice, the personal, private information of law enforcement personnel is spread online via social media. Often, the information includes home addresses, putting law enforcement personnel and their families at great risk.

Colorado now joins the growing list of states taking action against this scourge, with new laws to protect peace officers.  Representatives Terri Carver-R and Kerry Tipper-D, teamed up with Senators Paul Lundeen-R and Joann Ginal-D to author a bill to provide enhanced security protections for criminal justice personnel in Colorado. This is a refreshingly bipartisan effort, demonstrating leadership on this issue that every other state in America should emulate.

It is now unlawful in Colorado for a person to make available on the internet the personal information of certain law enforcement officials, judicial officials or certain human services workers if the dissemination of the personal information poses an imminent and serious threat to the official’s or the worker’s safety or to the safety of the official’s or the worker’s immediate family.

A mechanism has also been created in which members of the protected categories who discover personal information in public records can have that personal information removed from the public records.

Unfortunately, in many places across America, politicians have refused to support legislation designed to address the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by Antifa and other insurrectionist organizations. Over the summer, the Democratic governor of North Carolina vetoed a popular anti-rioting bill that targeted Antifa methods. That wasn’t the case in Colorado with this legislation. In addition to the bipartisan authorship, the bill was co-sponsored by 34 Colorado House members and 17 Colorado senators.

Unfortunately too often rank partisanship has caused some legislators to seek to defend Antifa, despite the clear evidence that Antifa seeks the destruction of the U.S. political system and despises both of the major political parties.

More states across America need to follow this example to support law enforcement and criminal justice heroes and protect them from the nefarious tactics of Antifa and other criminal and terrorist organizations who seek to target them.

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