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Yesterday, a U.S. District Judge in California decided to help the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, doing business as a telecommunications conglomerate known as Huawei, dominate the next generation wireless technology known as 5G.

It is hard to overstate the ominous implications of Judge Lucy Koh’s ruling against Qualcomm, America’s indispensable cell phone chip-manufacturer. Last year, the Trump administration called it “a national treasure” in blocking Qualcomm’s hostile takeover by a Chinese-linked Singaporean company.

Now, in part based on testimony from Huawei, Judge Koh has ordered Qualcomm to give access to its technology to that Chinese competitor – whose products President Trump just barred from use in U.S. telecom networks due to Huawei’s ties to a “foreign adversary.”

Judge Koh’s reckless ruling must be immediately stayed and overturned before it does grave harm to our national security and vital economic interests.

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