Doomsday: The Threat Posed by Russia’s New Nuclear Superweapon

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13 June 2018          

For Immediate Release

Contact: Clare M. Lopez 202-719-2423

Russia is currently testing a new super superweapon whose advertised mission is to destroy U.S. coastal regions, ports, and aircraft carriers by detonating an immense thermonuclear bomb underwater to raise nuclear tsunamis and spread radioactive fallout. Dubbed “POSEIDON,” the weapon is an unmanned, nuclear-powered drone submarine that can travel intercontinental distances. Reportedly, POSEIDON may be able to defeat U.S. anti-submarine capabilities by utilizing artificial intelligence, speed, stealth and elusiveness to deliver a 100-megaton warhead, which would be by far the most powerful nuclear weapon in existence.

According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, one of America’s foremost authorities on nuclear threats, Russia may have one or more other, strategically ominous missions in mind for POSEIDON, however.  For example, it could also serve as a formidable “hunter-killer” for the purpose of destroying deployed U.S. ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) upon which the nation depends for the most survivable “leg” of our deterrent Triad.

Another, no less frightening application would be possible if POSEIDON’s immense warhead were deployed aboard a new Russian Satan heavy intercontinental ballistic missile: It could generate an immense high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon sufficient to paralyze U.S. forces – including SSBNs deep underwater – as well as knock out this country’s electric grid in one deadly blow.

Whatever it mission, Dr. Pry argues compellingly that POSEIDON underscores the urgency for the United States to “harden [its] critical infrastructures, deploy space-based missile defenses, modernize strategic forces, and develop new generation nuclear weapons.” Through such entirely measures, the U.S. can impress on Russia and its president Vladimir Putin our commitment to maintaining a national defense second to none – and, with luck, thereby reestablish the sort of credible deterrent that could make possible an improved and peaceable relationship with Russia.

Upon the release of this newest of the Center’s Occasional Paper series, CSP President, Frank J. Gaffney noted:

Dr. Peter Pry has rendered yet-another public service by laying bare the dangerous asymmetries between Vladimir Putin’s modernized and increasingly formidable strategic arsenal on the one hand and America’s obsolescent one on the other. With characteristic clarity and attention to detail, he has made clear the urgent need for a comprehensive U.S. response so as to return our nation to the necessary posture of peace through strength.

“POSEIDON: Russia’s New Doomsday Machine” is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback. It can also be viewed and downloaded for free in PDF format below:

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