Fraud in South Korea’s April 2020 Election: It Probably Happened and is a Big Deal for the United States

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A growing body of evidence strongly indicates that South Korea’s April 15, 2020 national elections were rigged by President Moon Jae-in’s administration, possibly with the assistance of the Chinese government. If true, this undermined the democratic system of government of one of America’s most important allies and could move South Korea toward becoming a Chinese client state. This alleged election fraud has serious implications for free and fair elections in the United States and other democratic nations because it appeared easy to carry out and there has been no interest by the South Korean government or the South Korean or international media in investigating it.

The report attached below by Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Grant Newsham looks at the evidence that the April 2020 South Korean elections were rigged. Newsham’s analysis is based on research he conducted on this issue in South Korea in August 2020.

Grant Newsham and Center President Fred Fleitz recently spoke to a Korea Conservative Political Action Committee (KCPAC) conference on election fraud in South Korea. Click HERE to watch Newsham’s presentation. Click HERE to watch Fleitz’s presentation.


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