WEBINAR: Why China is the Most Important National Security Issue in the 2020 Election

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As part of Center for Security Policy’s Voter Education Webinar Series, Frank Gaffney, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center hosted panelists Sam Faddis, retired Army Captain and CIA operations officer, and Jeff Nyquist, an expert on Russian and Communist military and foreign policy.

The panel, entitled Why China is the Most Important National Security Issue in the 2020 Election, aimed to expose the threat posed to the US by the Chinese Communist Party.

Nyquist began by listing some of the critical ways that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is attempting to supplant the United States. He notes the CCP is infiltrating our society and engaging in business activities to gain a better economic foothold against us, stealing our technologies, and is closely aligned with our adversaries all over the world. Faddis added that we have made this situation worse by allowing American investors to underwrite Chinese companies. “This is the most insidious aspect of this whole struggle.”

Faddis then addressed biological warfare. He notes there is no question that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. Regardless of how the COVID situation transpired, it is now clear that China has this capacity and can utilize it going forward.

Nyquist later explains how we can interpret the doctrine of total war outlined in Unrestricted Warfare today.  He differentiates the ancient Chinese tradition of military strategy, Sun Tzu, from the military strategy of the Marxist/Leninist ruling party today. He concludes that China’s CCP leaders are not Chinese traditionalists, they are Marxist/Leninists. Therefore, we should focus less on Sun Tzu when mapping out the CCP’s true agenda.

All three panelists discussed the CCP’s direct involvement in the street riots and upheavals across America we are witnessing today. Faddis explains how these riots function as part of the ultimate goal of the CCP, which is to overthrow the United States.  He cites evidence that the CCP is involved in some of the street riots occurring today in U.S. cities. Nyquist notes that two Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders are self-proclaimed trained Marxists. Faddis confirmed that the groups we are seeing on the streets have Maoist tendencies, however, difficulties exist getting the Department of DOJ to investigate domestic organizations like Antifa and BLM.

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