Fuggedabout further empowering the CCP’s WHO

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Millions of us deeply resent what we have suffered in the wake of the Chinese Communist Party deliberately spreading a virus genetically engineered in its biological warfare lab in Wuhan. Most are unaware, however, that the CCP not only brought us the COVID-19 pandemic.

Communist China’s dominance of the World Health Organization also translated into a WHO-recommended pandemic response featuring lockdowns, social distancing, masking and mandated injections with inadequately tested vaccines, measures collectively known as “the China Model.” That model’s adoption here contributed to a million deaths, a ravaged economy and the loss of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

Now, secret negotiations are underway aimed at allowing the WHO to dictate when and how we will deal with future public health crises.

We cannot legitimate the WHO’s past, Chinese-directed malevolence, let alone willingly submit to more – and worse – from now on.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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