Further validate a potential cure for the Chinese Communist Party virus

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Great news, folks! When asked yesterday about the natural supplement oleandrin, President Trump declared that “we are looking at it” in connection with his administration’s efforts to defeat the Chinese Communist Party virus.

In other words, despite media claims that this product known as Serrativir is “unproven,” Mr. Trump knows better. In fact, this oleandrin molecule has been proven safe in myriad clinical experiments and successfully tested in laboratory and limited human trials against Covid-19.

All that is needed now is for the Food and Drug Administration to allow further, lifesaving testing to be done with Serrativir. Alternatively, it can simply clear the way for this oleandrin product to be sold as a natural supplement.

Either way, the American people must promptly be afforded the opportunity to be spared the further ravages of the CCP virus and to get our country back.

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