Screenshot of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s April 30, 2018, presentation of the secret Iranian nuclear program documents stolen by Israeli intelligence. (Screenshot from Israeli Prime Minister’s office video.)
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Israel’s revelation in 2018 that Israeli intelligence agents stole a huge cache of documents on Iran’s secret nuclear-weapons program, which became known as the Iran Nuclear Archive or the Iran Atomic Archive, provided rare clarity on the question of Iran’s nuclear program and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Consisting of half a ton of information from Iran, including 55,000 pages and 183 CDs, the stolen documents contained detailed information on dozens of nuclear weapons-related projects, some previously unknown outside of Iran. The documents indicated Iran’s nuclear weapons program was far more advanced than it had admitted to the IAEA, that Iran had misled and lied to the IAEA and the international community about its nuclear program in disclosures required by the 2015 nuclear deal, the JCPOA, and that the Iranian government had taken steps to deceive IAEA inspectors after the JCPOA was implemented. The documents also suggested some covert Iranian nuclear weapons activities were still under way.

The Iran Nuclear Archive Documents have been a game changer and have vindicated President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deeply flawed JCPOA and his administration’s claims that Iran has been guilty of major violations of this agreement.

To help our readers understand the Iran Nuclear Archive information, we are publishing this report which will be a chapter in a forthcoming book Center President Fred Fleitz is writing on Iran’s nuclear program.  You can access this report as a free PDF below.


Fred Fleitz

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