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With Rob Montz, Jim Hanson, Joseph Connor

ROB MONTZ, director of the new documentary Juche Strong, explains the role of propaganda in the internal workings of the North Korean state, arguing that it has helped keep the brutal yet isolated regime alive. Montz also goes into what what is behind its military posturing towards the international community, explaining that it is a defensive stance with a racial component involved.  Juche Strong will be screened at the CATO Institute on Thursday, April 11th.

Former Army special forces operator, JIM HANSON of explains why he signed the a letter to Congress with over 700 other former spec ops troops asking to create a special committee to investigate the events of September 11, 2012 in Bengazi Egypt.  He also brings his experience as a special operator in the Korean theatre to bear on the anticipation of action on the Peninsula.

Columbia University’s recent hiring of Kathy Boudin, a former terrorist of the Weather Underground and murderer of three innocents, has brought to light again the double standard of Leftists in academia, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party.  Boudin, in her terrorist career was a close colleague of the better known friends of the U.S. President, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.  When murder in the name of revolution against the United States is a relative issue in the assessment of U.S. political leaders it falls squarely as a national security issue in this age of Total War in several categories including foreign influence, subversion, terrorism, and ideological warfare.  The New Founders Author JOSEPH CONNOR, lays out the details of of Boudin’s tactical and logistical connections while in the Weather Underground to a network of Marxist terrorist groups with training from Cuba.

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