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My guest, Col. Grant Newsham (USMC-Ret.), has a warning for America: China is at war with us. It is time for Americans to understand that China does not believe war starts with the deployment of missiles, tanks, and infantry. From the perspective of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), war has already begun. Furthermore, over the last several decades, China has used influence operations, economic policies, political warfare, and lawfare to cripple America. The results have left American communities jobless with rampant drug use, deaths of despair, and social disfunction. As one example, fentanyl related drug overdoses caused 70,000 American deaths in 2021. This number is higher than the number of Americans killed during the Vietnam War. The chemical components of fentanyl are manufactured in China.

After decades of economic growth and political warfare, China has undergone one of the most significant military build-ups during a period of “peace.” What are their next moves? As China has trained, mobilized, and built up its army and navy, the obvious question is for what purpose?

Interview topics include:

  • China’s military capabilities and their views on warfare
  • China has a mission: To defeat the United States and they believe that war is already taking place
  • Does China believe they can successfully invade Taiwan?
  • If China does attack Taiwan, what would the attack look like? How would the United States respond? Is nuclear war possible?
  • What is military-civilian fusion?
  • How does China think of Comprehensive National Power (CNP)
  • How have American elites both in business and politics helped to facilitate China’s rise to power.
  • Regarding the American business class and Wall Street, Grant says, “You can’t expect to win if you’re funding your enemies.”

Check out the book: When China Attacks A Warning to America 

Biography: Grant Newsham is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Security Policy. He is also a Research Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies focusing on Asia-Pacific defense, political, and economic matters. Grant is a retired U.S. Marine Colonel and was the first U.S. Marine Liaison Officer to the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. He also served as reserve head of intelligence for Marine Forces Pacific, and was the U.S. Marine Attaché, US Embassy Tokyo on two occasions.

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