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With Roger Noriega, Dean Cheng, Andy McCarthy, Henry Sokolski

ROGER NORIEGA of American Enterprise Institute, in response to a new State Department report recently released, talks terrorists in the Western Hemisphere and Hezbollah’s actions south of the border.

DEAN CHENG of the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center remarks on the recent US government report that openly accuses the Chinese of cyber-espionage, as well as China’s announcement that it considers much of the South China Sea to be not just its exclusive economic zone, but its territorial waters—a possession which would give China the say over whether ships can sail through one of the most-trafficked waters in the world.

ANDY MCCARTHY of the National Review Online, gives a brief analysis on a variety of some of the biggest issues that the US is facing toward including the seeping in of Sharia law into American law, McCain’s recent visit to Syria and how he views this as the start of a campaign to embroil the United States into another war.

HENRY SOKOLSKI, Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, explains why shifting American policy towards foreign countries seeking nuclear material is causing anger and confusion among the US Congress and American public.

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