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Of course Israel has a right to defend itself. Why wouldn’t it? By even mentioning the “right,” you are welcoming a debate whether Israel does or does not have a “right” to defend itself.

In the race to the bottom, it will be difficult to beat The Squad.

This week, with the Democrats knowing that they would have a party-line vote to pass a continuing resolution – which is important to continue to push the Democratic agenda forward – The Squad told the Democratic leadership that if the Continuing Resolution contained the $1 billion set aside to help Israel replenish the Iron Dome, they wouldn’t vote for it, and therefore have the important (for the Democrats) resolution fail.

The Democratic leadership removed the allocation for the Iron Dome ammunition and the Continuing Resolution passed along party lines.

Immediately, pro-Israel Democrats took to Twitter to condemn their colleagues, and promised to bring up Iron Dome replenishment to a new independent vote ASAP (which they will, and it should pass by a large margin). One of their most prominent justifications was that the Iron Dome is only a defensive weapon, so by implication it is justifiable to make sure Israel won’t have offensive weapons.

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