Kevin Freeman and Gordon Chang Testify on Chinese Investment and Influence in Europe Before House Subcommittee

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CSP Senior Fellow Kevin Freeman and Asia expert Gordon Chang spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats, regarding China’s influence on the economic health of Europe.  Below are videos of their testimony as well as links to the transcripts.

Chairman Rohrabacher on the hearing: “For some time, communist China has manipulated its trade arrangements with the West. Additionally, China steals American intellectual property, manipulates currency, and influences our information environment. China’s ‘One Belt, One Road,’ which projects China’s activity into Europe, is part of a greater grand strategic plan to become dominant by conducting economic warfare against the West. This hearing will expose hostile Chinese tactics and intentions as it becomes an ever-larger investor inside Europe as part of this overall strategy.”

Kevin Freeman: “China views the marketplace as a battlespace”

Kevin Freeman’s testimony (PDF)

Gordon Chang: Hopefully American lessons rub off on Europe

Gordon Chang’s testimony (PDF)

For background information on the hearing click here, and for video of entire hearing click here.

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