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“Mexican elections are cleaner than the one that’s still unfolding in the United States,” the Center’s Senior Analyst for Strategy J Michael Waller writes in American Greatness.

“One Mexican election authority is aghast at the fraud he has seen among Democrats in the 2020 election.

“‘The fraud I have seen in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and some other states is so evident,’ he said on condition of anonymity, that ‘it rivals the worst of what we have had in Mexico.’

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“Mexico’s dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) held onto power for decades through a combination of ruthless central control via an unaccountable bureaucracy, a powerful political police, economic nationalism, and massive corruption and patronage. The country has come a long way in recent years but still has far to go.

“Even so, Mexicans are aghast at the Biden machine’s electoral corruption.

“‘Mexican and Latin American ‘fraud experts’ like PRI wouldn’t believe how easy it is to rig elections in the United States,’ the Mexican election authority told me. ‘And it’s very clear that Democrats used every tool at hand to force a win. As far as I can see, they are stealing the election, fair and square.’

“Most countries south of the border are strict about ensuring one person, one vote. No foreigners are allowed to vote. Quality of voter integrity varies.

“‘We have a very strict voting system in El Salvador,’ says Ambassador Francisco Lainez, a former foreign minister. ‘Every citizen over 18 has what’s called a Unique Identity Document bearing his or her name, personal information, and digital photo, fingerprint, and signature. Every voter must present that ID when requesting a ballot at the voting booth,’ he said, perhaps too diplomatic to make a comment either way about the unfolding vote count in the United States.

“I’ve seen El Salvador’s political process evolve since the Communist insurgency in the 1980s. As an official international election observer after the war, I was impressed with strict adherence to voter ID for everyone and measures to ensure that people vote only once.”

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