Mike Mabee: Who are the “bad actors” within the electric utility industry?

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With Mike Mabee and Eric Greitens

MIKE MABEE, Author, “The Civil Defense Book,” Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Secure the Grid Coalition, michaelmabee.info

  • Michael Mabee talks about his recent appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes: “…According to Department of Energy, there have been over 700 physical attacks against the U.S. electric grid”
  • Mabee talks about vulnerabilities to the U.S. electric grid: “There is no physical security standard for the electric grid as a whole”
  • Mabee talks about ‘regulatory capture:’ “The Federal government is very, very hesitant to enact any type of regulations that the electric utility industry doesn’t want”
  • Mabee talks about the “bad actors” within the American electric industry

ERIC GREITENS, Former Governor, Missouri, Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Candidate for U.S. Senate, @EricGreiten

  • Eric Greitens advocates for a return to the U.S. Cold War policy of ‘Peace Through Strength’: “…just 30 years ago, you had people writing books about the ‘end of history’ and yet… since the Biden administration took over, a tremendous policy of weakness and chaos…” has ensued
  • Greitens: “Our domestic enemies are more real and represent a greater threat to the United States than our foreign enemies…if you’re on the sidelines, you’re on the wrong side”
  • Greitens talks about the prospect of potential terrorists entering the United States via the U.S.-Mexico border

Mike Mabee

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Eric Greiten

Your owner's manual for your most important possession: Your freedom

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