More proof that fighting terrorism in the courts is a loser

Terrorism and conflict. Armed terrorist on the background of a burning tank

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Understandably lost in all the news surrounding the presidential election last week were two stories that should infuriate every American and remind us all that terrorists are waging war against us, yet we persist on insisting in treating them like criminals.

And in some cases awful judges and misguided prosecutors are allowing those terrorists to remain at large, or even go free without serving their full sentences.

In Oregon, Hawazeen Sameer Mothafar has been charged with providing the Islamic State (ISIS) with training materials and propaganda documents for 5 years.

Among the literature that Mothafar produced were documents that instructed jihadis on the use of edged weapons (knives have become the go-to weapon of choice for jihadis in the West for beheadings and other murders, as witnessed recently in France). He also produced a document instructing jihadis on the use of detonators for demolitions. He created 32 issues of an ISIS magazine with propaganda and training articles for terrorists.

Despite the fact that he provided material support to a jihadist terrorist organization of global reach that has sworn to kill Americans and attack America, Mothafar has not been incarcerated.


Because he is confined to a wheelchair.

It is worth noting that Mothafar was in a wheelchair throughout the five year period in which he was working for ISIS. His handicap did not prevent him from becoming a Jihadi. But the Justice Department has seen fit not to hold him in pre-trial incarceration due to his handicap. Unbelievably, they are allowing him to stay at home as long as he agrees to limit his use of electronic and computer devices and not leave the state of Oregon.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, a federal judge has seen fit to release another convicted terrorist from prison early.

Sabirhan Hasanoff was convicted in 2012 of providing material support to Al Qaeda. You remember Al Qaeda, right? The same Al Qaeda that killed nearly 3000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001, just a taxi cab ride away from the federal courthouse in Manhattan.

Hasanoff was sentenced to 18 years in prison (a ridiculously light sentence to begin with) for sending equipment to Al Qaeda, sending thousands of dollars to Al Qaeda and conducting reconnaissance for Al Qaeda of a major New York landmark to help them plan a terrorist attack.

But Hasanoff has been a model prisoner and now his mom is sick and needs someone to take care of her, so this convicted jihadist is being sprung so he can take care of her.

This is no way to fight a war.

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