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As Members of Congress prepare to return to their home districts for the August recess to face their constituents, and President Obama persists in trying to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility (“Gitmo”) by January  2010, the Center for Security Policy has published the Interim Guantanamo Legislative Report.  This two-volume report provides, in detail, the policy positions of every Representative and Senator on the issue of closing Gitmo and transferring detainees to the United States.

The report identifies each Representative/Senator by name, state, and party affiliation, and goes on to identify (1) any public statements that the legislator has made on the issue of Gitmo closure / detainee transfer; (2) how the legislator has voted on key Gitmo legislation in the 111th Congress and prior sessions; and (3) which Gitmo-related legislation he or she has sponsored or co-sponsored.

Click the images on the right to download the House and Senate volumes.

The Interim Guantanamo Legislative Report provides a tool the American people can use in discussing with their elected representatives the future status of Gitmo and the detainees incarcerated there.  The Center is also creating individual online reports for each of the fifty states to be available next week, for local media and community organizations to hold legislators accountable for their positions on this critical national security matter.



Legislators Who’ve Changed Their
Position on Guantanamo Bay

Click here for the complete list

 Interim Guantanamo Legislative
Reports for All Fifty States

Click here for detailed reports

Making the Case Against Closing
Gitmo or Transferring Detainees
to the US

 Click here for a downloadable two-page flyer

Press conference

Center for Security Policy

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